About Us



Siłownie Wiatrowe S.A. is a company founded by specialists with almost twenty years of experience in dealing with wind farm developments and individual power plants across Poland and Europe. The company works in close collaboration with leading industry players as well as the best experts in the fields of wind energy, environmental protection, finance and law.


The years 1996-2001 saw the first commercial wind farm established in Poland due to the efforts of the team at Siłownie Wiatrowe S.A.


The Barzowice Wind Energy Farm was launched in April 2001 comprising 6 Vestas V52 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 850kW. Together with the necessary infrastructure which includes a 12km long 15kV cable line, switchgear unit and conversion of the transformer/switching station, the facility generates a total capacity of 5.1 MW.


Góra Barzowicka nr./Darłowo, Sławno poviat, Zachodniopomorskie voivodship, proved to be a location with excellent wind energy resources. This has been confirmed by many years of study using the weather stations installed on site, as well as the actual volumes of electricity generated by the facility.


The development proved to be the catalyst for further professional wind energy generation in Poland.


Wojciech Romaniszyn, the main driving force behind the Company, has been professionally involved in the wind energy sector since 1994.


In 1995, he co-founded the Polish Wind Energy Association with its seat in Gdańsk, where he held the position of vice-president of the board for two consecutive terms.


Between the years 1997 and 2001, he was a member of the Council for the Development of Use of Renewable Energy Sources operating at the EC BREC in Warsaw; an expert think tank established to implement into Polish law the provisions of the Green and White Paper and Directive 2001/77/EC of 27th September 2001.


In 2001, he managed Nowa Energia Sp. z o.o. which became the first in the country to obtain planning permission for the construction of an off-shore wind farm on the South Baltic territorial waters near Białogóra, Krokowa municipality, Puck poviat, which has an installed capacity of 122 MW.


The company’s specialists have frequently demonstrated that they have the rare ability to seek out the best locations in the country with respect to wind energy resources, as evidenced by the current ongoing development in Grudusk municipality, Ciechanów poviat, Mazowieckie voivodship, which has an installed capacity of 45 MW.


Today, Siłownie Wiatrowe S.A. is involved in numerous wind energy developments with a combined target installed capacity of 140 MW.