Our services



The services offered by Siłownie Wiatrowe S.A. cover all matters relating to wind energy, in particular:


  • drawing up maps showing turbine concept layouts in AutoCAD and PDF format;
  • drafting applications and project data sheets necessary to obtain a decision on environmental constraints for the scheme;
  • drafting applications for modification of studies of constraints and directions in spatial development;
  • drafting applications for preparation of local spatial development plans;
  • drafting applications to distribution system operators to obtain the conditions for connection to the power grid;
  • drawing up concept plans for feeding power to the power grid,
  • drawing up maps showing road and assembly area concept layouts in AutoCAD and PDF format;
  • preparation of calculations in respect of noise impact of the scheme;
  • verification of locations intended for wind farms;
  • diagnosis in respect to wind energy resources at selected locations through:
  • using own satellite data resources
  • erection of a 60m, 80m and 100m wind measurement mast,
  • carrying out administrative procedures at each stage of the scheme’s development;
  • drafting architectural and building designs;
  • selection of turbines for specific sites;
  • carrying out the full procedure for obtainment of all decisions relating to civil and military aviation;
  • technical and legal verification of due diligence projects




We advise our Clients on the following: finance, business, technical, strategy and image-related issues.


We offer assistance in respect to start-up projects as well as capital transactions, restructuring and development schemes.


We draw up comprehensive due diligence studies/analyses that allow the thorough examination of a given entity with regard to legal and economic aspects highlighting potential risk areas.


Our strength lies in the professional team of experts and collaborators with experience in the execution of complex developments for entities from both the public and private sector.


Our experts are established professionals with many years of experience gained at market-leading finance and consultancy institutions.




Our designers are thoroughly aware of the negative aspects of the features that dominate our landscape, which in some places, particularly in Germany, contribute to the critical perception of wind energy.


Therefore, we seek out wind power station locations that would be most advantageous in respect of profit maximization without, first and foremost, posing a potential threat to the population and natural environment. In our operations we are sensitive to the protection of the investor’s interests as well as those of local communities. We strive to achieve this by increasing the distance between the planned schemes and residential plots to a degree greater than required by the currently applicable legal regulations, and, where possible, implement dispersed energy generation both in respect of space and connection points. We adjust the volume of capacity to the terrain conditions using the spare capacity of available medium voltage power lines.


Despite the fact that Poland has now almost 3000 MW of installed capacity, wind energy remains to be a sector which is technologically still developing. Each decade brings new solutions that are more valuable in respect of productivity as well as the degree to which they affect the environment and the power grid.


Our future investment plans for the years 2014-2016 will see the development of first schemes using energy reservoirs; for now these will be used for turbines ranging between 60-200kW, while in time the aim is to progress onto megawatt turbines. Should their collaboration with the national power grid prove to be successful, it may then be assumed that there is a chance that another milestone in the development of the energy industry is to be achieved soon.