Wind measurements

Wind measurement masts are a particularly crucial element in the process of development of a wind energy scheme. The correct estimation of the average annual wind speeds, and subsequent estimation of the multi-year speeds based on the baseline data sourced from the nearby weather station, is an extremely difficult task that requires a great deal of experience to be held by the person carrying it out. Each error translates into a multiplied (as the relation between energy generation and wind speed is nonlinear) underestimation or overestimation error of the future productivity of the wind turbine(s).


Anemometers used for measurements at different heights should be distributed in such a way as to allow for determination of a spatial model of energy wind resources present at the measured site as a result of the testing, and, after using a given conversion model, arrive at a relatively true and accurate estimate of future energy generation at the height where the axis of the rotor is to be installed. Due to the fact that it is almost always the case that the anemometer placed in the highest position on the mast is still at a height lower than the target height for installing the turbine’s rotor, we are forced to extrapolate the measurement data in order to arrive at the required height with the wind speed result calculated later. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly calibrate the measurement devices in order to be able to use them for subsequent, more reliable tests, i.e. the so-called wind study. Thus, in the wind studies usually drawn up by a world-renowned company recognized and approved by the banks providing financing for the schemes, we are able to avoid the highly unpleasant reduction of potential power outputs for the individual parameters P. This is why all quality certification for measurement devices as well as the mast’s structure and erection constitutes an integral part of the measurement.


As a consequence, we have made the decision to closely collaborate with the French company ACROPHOTO which has more than 10 years of experience and which has erected and now monitors several hundred wind measurement masts for the largest industry investors worldwide.


We provide a comprehensive service in respect of erection of wind force measurement masts (which includes carrying out the administrative procedure for obtainment of a legally valid building permit) of the following heights:


  • 80 m.
  • 103 m.
  • 120 m.